Marketing Automation, four lessons I learned

Four things I learned about Marketing Automation

In this last year I started getting my hands on Marketing Automation. Currently with Adobe Target and after doing some experimenting with Google Optimize. These Marketing Automation Products act on the front-end and inside the customer’s browser. They inject “Experiences” to selected “Audiences” on selected pages. I’d like to share with you four lessons I’ve … Read more

Find and manage 404 Not Found Errors with custom reports

Found Nothing - credit:

Any website will have significant inbound traffic (2-3%) which lands on non-existent pages generating 404 Not Found errors. This happens for many reasons, from Digital Media Campaign long tails, referring articles, document links or just human error. Create a custom Report To create a custom report in Google Analytics, look at your Not Found Page. … Read more

How much does it really take to style a scroll-bar

Some days ago I attended a presentation by Oded Lavie to a group of parents and students at the Open Day of a university. In his profile on LinkedIN, Oded Lavie describes himself as a “Creative thinker. Curiosity driven. Problem Solver. Content lover. Helper. Mentor. Learner. Speaker. Proud Omni-Potenialite”.

His talk was inspiring. He made the point that we should do only what is really useful. To re-enforce this concept he described a recent situation where a customer requested to stylize the scroll-bar of a website and asked parents and students:

How much time do you think it takes a company to stylize a scroll-bar on a website?

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