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How much does it really take to style a scroll-bar

A couple of days ago I attended a presentation by Oded Lavie who gave an inspiring talk to a group of parents and prospective students of a university degree in Digital Management.

At a certain point Oded was argumenting that an important factor is fighting to do only what is really useful. To re-enforce this concept he described a recent situation where a customer requested to stylize the scroll-bar of a website and asked the participants:

How much time do

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Better home network security

It have been listening to Security Now podcast with Leo and Steve since episode one and this has had a strong influence in my approach to security and technology.

After listening to the Three Dumb Routers episode I decided to abandon the single ADSL/WIFI Router solution I was using with a more secure architecture. I didn’t just want the segmentation described by Steve, I wanted increased control and security. Steve had mentioned PfSense a

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My quest to improve standard WordPress search

Note: This is a living post that I’ll update as I go on in my quest to improve WordPress search

Version 1.2 - Added review of Relevanssi Search Plugin Version 1.1 - Added screenshots of Better Search Plugin

Search is very basic in WordPress so I’m trying to find some better solutions. In particular I have the following goals:

  1. Improve overall search quality and ranking.
  2. Be able to index specific content. Apart from jus pages and posts I would
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