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The best espresso and cappuccino you can find in Rome

I’m going totally off topic, but hackers, developers and geeks in general have a continuous need for caffeine. Great quantities are required to code or build.

So if you are in Rome, you might as well get caffeinated with something really good.

Here espressos and cappuccinos are the primary source of caffeine (there are very few places where to have good tee). Drinking these is a ritual, something close to sacred. There are variants to meet the taste of every

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Growing with WordPress to handle business grade traffic

The challenge

A couple of years ago, I accepted the challenge of setting  up the digital presence of a Mobile Operator Startup. We started working early November and were challenged to be online by December 15th.

When you are put in front of impossible deadlines you need shortcuts. I met with my new colleagues and they told what we had: a LAMP infrastructure and PHP development skills. We agreed on employing WordPress with WooCommerce, to buy a commercial template and

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WooCommerce performance tips

Recently I gave a talk at Wordcamp Rome 2018 about “Using WordPress in a large business” where I touched the key challenges addressed in managing a high traffic e-commerce website powered by WooCommerce and WordPress.

One of the topics was about considering your database “like a garden”, keeping it from overgrowing and maintaining it clean. As the number of orders increase, the impact on database performance can be devastating.

We have addressed this issue drastically, importing orders

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Fixing things

Let’s fix, not just make

Some years ago I read an article on Wired Magazine on the need for a Fixer (not just a Maker) Movement. I truly believe our civilization needs to keep dominating the technology it uses every day to avoid succumbing. We need a collective effort in understanding, teaching and documenting technology in order to be able to replicate, fix and improve all the components and systems that are dominating
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How much does it really take to style a scroll-bar

Some days ago I attended a presentation by Oded Lavie to a group of parents and students at the Open Day of a university. In his profile on LinkedIN, Oded Lavie describes himself as a “Creative thinker. Curiosity driven. Problem Solver. Content lover. Helper. Mentor. Learner. Speaker. Proud Omni-Potenialite”.

His talk was inspiring. He made the point that we should do only what is really useful. To re-enforce this concept he described a recent situation where a customer requested to

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Better home network security

It have been listening to Security Now podcast with Leo and Steve since episode one and this has had a strong influence in my approach to security and technology.

After listening to the Three Dumb Routers episode I decided to abandon the single ADSL/WIFI Router solution I was using with a more secure architecture. I didn’t just want the segmentation described by Steve, I wanted increased

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Improving standard WordPress search

Note: This is a living post that I’ll update as I go on in my quest to improve WordPress search

Version 1.2 - Added review of Relevanssi Search Plugin Version 1.1 - Added screenshots of Better Search Plugin

Search is very basic in WordPress so I’m trying to find some better solutions. In particular I have the following goals:

  1. Improve overall search quality and ranking.
  2. Be able to index specific content. Apart from jus pages and posts I would
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