• Marketing Automation, four lessons I learned

    Marketing Automation, four lessons I learned

    In this last year I started getting my hands on Marketing Automation. Currently with Adobe Target and after doing some experimenting with Google Optimize. These Marketing Automation Products act on the front-end and inside the customer’s browser. They inject “Experiences” to selected “Audiences” on selected pages. I’d like to share with you four lessons I’ve…

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  • Find and manage 404 Not Found Errors with custom reports

    Find and manage 404 Not Found Errors with custom reports

    Any website will have significant inbound traffic (2-3%) which lands on non-existent pages generating 404 Not Found errors. This happens for many reasons, from Digital Media Campaign long tails, referring articles, document links or just human error. Create a custom Report To create a custom report in Google Analytics, look at your Not Found Page….

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  • Setting up and Optimizing WordPress

    Setting up and Optimizing WordPress

    WordPress (wordpress.org) is the best and most used content management platform in the world. It allows individuals and small companies to go online with the quality of a professional website. The WordPress ecosystem provides plugins and templates that make this Content Management System (CMS) extremely flexible. This flexibility allows to target a wide range of…

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  • How to move on when dealing with a bad IT

    More than 18 years ago I moved from IT to Marketing, and since then a great part of my work has meant interacting with Information Technology managers and teams. My IT counterparts have since then had to cope with me having “too much” understanding on IT issues. This has been for them a mixed blessing…

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  • Ubiquiti Routers have a vulnerability – how to fix it

    Ubiquiti Routers have a vulnerability – how to fix it

    In a previous post I suggested using the Edge Router X from Ubiquiti as a firewall and to segment your networks thanks to its five segregated ports. I still consider it a great device, but it turns out that Ubiquiti networks devices are being remotely exploited, via port 10001 discoveryservice. This results in loss of…

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  • The best espresso and cappuccino you can find in Rome

    The best espresso and cappuccino you can find in Rome

    I’m going totally off topic, but hackers, developers and geeks in general have a continuous need for caffeine. Great quantities are required to code or build. So if you are in Rome, you might as well get caffeinated with something really good. Here espressos and cappuccinos are the primary source of caffeine (there are very…

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  • Growing with WordPress to handle business grade traffic

    The challenge A couple of years ago, I accepted the challenge of setting  up the digital presence of a Mobile Operator Startup. We started working early November and were challenged to be online by December 15th. When you are put in front of impossible deadlines you need shortcuts. I met with my new colleagues and…

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  • WooCommerce performance tips

    WooCommerce performance tips

    Recently I gave a talk at Wordcamp Rome 2018 about “Using WordPress in a large business” where I touched the key challenges addressed in managing a high traffic e-commerce website powered by WooCommerce and WordPress. One of the topics was about considering your database “like a garden”, keeping it from overgrowing and maintaining it clean….

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