The best espresso and cappuccino you can find in Rome

I’m going totally off topic, but hackers, developers and geeks in general have a continuous need for caffeine. Great quantities are required to code or build.

So if you are in Rome, you might as well get caffeinated with something really good.

Here espressos and cappuccinos are the primary source of caffeine (there are very few places where to have good tee). Drinking these is a ritual, something close to sacred. There are variants to meet the taste of every single Italian. Cappuccinos vary from with or without foam, with cocoa or cinnamon powder, to cold or flaming hot. Espressos are another form of art, the best are made in Naples but in Rome you can find some nearly as good. Your espresso can be “macchiato”, with a spot of milk, “viziato”, with a little bit of foam and cocoa powder (a small cappuccino), or it can be with whipped cream or anise liquor.

With your cappuccino you can eat the basic cornetto, a Roman “maritozzo”, the Neapolitan sfogliatella or if you need a sugar boost, the Sicilian cannolo.

If you are in Rome these are some of the best cappuccinos or espressos you can have.

Caffè Sant’ Eustachio

In the heart of Rome’s center, close to the Pantheon, together with a fabulous espresso, you can choose the variant you prefer. Here your cappuccino will have a delicate flavor, it will be creamy and in a large cup. The foam is light and the coffee is of superior quality. You can choose from various coffee blends.

Caffè Sant’Eustachio
Piazza di Sant’Eustachio, 82 Roma (Google Map)

phone:06 68802048website

Caffè Greco

Having first opened its doors in 1760, Caffe Greco is is one of the oldest coffee houses in Rome. If you are going for a walk in Via Condotti, I suggest you try only their coffee, all the rest is way too expensive and not worthwhile.

Caffè Geco
Via dei Condotti, 86 Roma (Google Map)

phone: 06 6791700

Tazza D’oro

You will find this place slightly crowded and noisy, but it will be worth it once you try their cappuccino. It is creamy and dense, served in their own custom cups. The coffee is also very good. Tazza D’oro produces its own coffee blends.

Tazza d’Oro
via degli Orfani, 84 (Google Map)

Phone :06 678 9792website

Sciascia Caffè 1919

This was the favorite bar of the Roman poet Trilussa. Here you can flavour an excellent cappucino in a beautiful early 1900s atmosphere.

Sciascia Caffè 1919
via Fabio Massimo, 80/A (Google Map)

Phone: 06 3211580website (on Facebook)

Bar del Cappuccino

When you call a place with this name in a city like Rome, the cappuccino can’t be anything but excellent.

Bar del Cappuccino
via Arenula, 50 (Google Map)

Telefono:06 68806042website (on Facebook)

Roscioli caffè

Here you can choose between coffee or cappucino, both are excellent. What you can’t avoid is trying the mini-maritozzi, a sweet bun filled with cream.

Roscioli Caffè
piazza Benedetto Cairoli, 16 (Google Map)

Phone:  06 8916 5330  –  website

(Post written hoping to help @padresj taste and appreciate the best coffee and cappucino in Rome)

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