Growing with WordPress to handle business grade traffic

The challenge

A couple of years ago, I accepted the challenge of setting  up the digital presence of a Mobile Operator Startup. We started working early November and were challenged to be online by December 15th.

When you are put in front of impossible deadlines you need shortcuts. I met with my new colleagues and they told what we had: a LAMP infrastructure and PHP development skills. We agreed on employing WordPress with WooCommerce, to buy a commercial template and

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WooCommerce performance tips

Recently I gave a talk at Wordcamp Rome 2018 about “Using WordPress in a large business” where I touched the key challenges addressed in managing a high traffic e-commerce website powered by WooCommerce and WordPress.

One of the topics was about considering your database “like a garden”, keeping it from overgrowing and maintaining it clean. As the number of orders increase, the impact on database performance can be devastating.

We have addressed this issue drastically, importing orders

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